Encouraging Your Kids

That gross first sip made me appreciate a good glass of water. A refreshing drink can help your day get better.  The guys are talking about how to be refreshing to the spirit of your children.  During this quarantine we have been able to have time to be close to our family in ways we were unable to in the previous world.  This is a great time be a student of your children and see what makes them come alive for who God created them to be.  Travis and Bill share tips on how to engage and encourage your kids to become all God has created them to become. For questions email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Who Influences You? (Thanks Ravi Zacharias) Known Legacy Podcast

Who influences you? What influences us influences our family. 

Ravi Zacharias influenced my life to and helped me understand God in ways I didn’t before I heard him speak.  As I allowed him to speak into my life it influenced who I became.  Today the guys talk about ways to identify the positive influences in our lives and how to remove the things that don’t help become all we are meant to become.  They give tangible ways to then impact their family and help them find positive influencers for their children to help parents have the goal of conversation not condemnation. For questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Must Be The Money – Known Legacy Podcast

The stimulus check is here! or on its way…  this week the guys talk about the value of fighting against the human desire to hoard things and instead continue to maintain a spirit of generosity. In times when things are very uncertain they share a fresh perspective on how to continue to trust God and equip your family to share this hope with the world. for questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Put Back What’s Worth it! – Known Legacy Podcast

Today the guys are outside recording in social distance fashion.  As the doors begin to open up and stores allow more than 50 people, some choices about life need to be made.  The guys share some tangible steps about how to take a deeper look on what really matters and how to decide what to put back into our schedules.  For questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Mystery of Mysteries – What Moms want for Mother’s Day – Known Legacy Podcast

What Does Mom really want for mothers day?? This week Bill and his wife Sarah tell the story of the most interesting gift she has received on Mothers day.  They talk about what Moms really want according to results they discovered. We’ love to hear your best idea for a Mothers day gift, email us at info@knownlegacy.org

Redeeming The Time With Your Kids – 4/14/20

  If there is one thing this quarantine has given us is some extra time.  We can spend this time many ways, but one that will give huge dividends for our legacy is investing in moments with our kids. The guys take some time to share how they have spent time with their kids during quarantine and ways they have missed opportunities.  Hey share some tangible easy steps to take that can help engage your kids during all the extra time we have.  Connect with us at info@knownlegacy.org

What do we do now? My kids have been in pajamas all week! – 3/25/20

This is been a crazy time in our life and there are bunch of unknowns, how do we parent thought this?  From trying to wake up kids and get yourself going as well, it can be difficult to know what to do to create a life as it seems like things are caving in.  The guys share some insight on how to do just that with some tangible wins for any parent leading through this quarantine and share hope to those closest to you. 

Lucky Eleven – 3/3/20

Travis shares his vocal skills and talents on the podcast so get ready… Along with that, They guys share the value of doing experiences over buying stuff.  Our possessions bring joy for a short time while an experience can create a memory long after you are gone.  Bill shares what he learned from others about the value of creating those memories with your children.  The guys talk about the value of taking time to spend with your children in a real and authentic way. For questions or comments contact us at info@knownlegacy.org 

The Valley Of The Shadow – 11/12/19

“When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”   Travis shares his story of how the GPS got him lost. We all want to be on the right path not just for us, but for those who follow us. We are called to lead our families and shepherd them towards the heart of Christ.  The guys share some tangible ways on how to lead our families through the hard  times based on Psalm 23. 

Balancing Act – 11/5/19

Bill talks to Mike, The owner of Village Coffee in Allen Tx who also has a full time day job and is the other half of the Rambling Redhead shares his journey of how to balance business and family.  He shares some practical points to ask for yourself when deciding what is important when directing the future of your career and family.