Lion In Fear – 4/1/20 – Known Legacy Podcast

This time can be fearful.  But fear does not have to immobilize us. The guys share the story of Daniel in the Bible and how he faced his fear and continued to trust God through the circumstances. He makes the choice to see fear as an opportunity to trust God with his unknown future. They share three things we can all do right now during this time of anxiety. 

Bonus Episode!!! Dead End Or Opportunity??

The movie Dunkirk is a great example of something that could have been a huge failure but instead was a major turning point of the war. Life can throw us seeming failures as well but Is it failure or is there more? Sometimes what seems like a failure is the beginning of something better.  Do we see failure as a dead end or an opportunity.  How are we doing with our failures?  The Guys talk about it today and how to move forward not allowing your failures to direct your future.