Encouraging Your Kids

That gross first sip made me appreciate a good glass of water. A refreshing drink can help your day get better.  The guys are talking about how to be refreshing to the spirit of your children.  During this quarantine we have been able to have time to be close to our family in ways we were unable to in the previous world.  This is a great time be a student of your children and see what makes them come alive for who God created them to be.  Travis and Bill share tips on how to engage and encourage your kids to become all God has created them to become. For questions email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Who Influences You? (Thanks Ravi Zacharias) Known Legacy Podcast

Who influences you? What influences us influences our family. 

Ravi Zacharias influenced my life to and helped me understand God in ways I didn’t before I heard him speak.  As I allowed him to speak into my life it influenced who I became.  Today the guys talk about ways to identify the positive influences in our lives and how to remove the things that don’t help become all we are meant to become.  They give tangible ways to then impact their family and help them find positive influencers for their children to help parents have the goal of conversation not condemnation. For questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org

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Mystery of Mysteries – What Moms want for Mother’s Day – Known Legacy Podcast

What Does Mom really want for mothers day?? This week Bill and his wife Sarah tell the story of the most interesting gift she has received on Mothers day.  They talk about what Moms really want according to results they discovered. We’ love to hear your best idea for a Mothers day gift, email us at info@knownlegacy.org

Redeeming The Time With Your Kids – 4/14/20

  If there is one thing this quarantine has given us is some extra time.  We can spend this time many ways, but one that will give huge dividends for our legacy is investing in moments with our kids. The guys take some time to share how they have spent time with their kids during quarantine and ways they have missed opportunities.  Hey share some tangible easy steps to take that can help engage your kids during all the extra time we have.  Connect with us at info@knownlegacy.org

But Dad, Its Boring…

The guys are talking about how to help your kids see the Bible as what it truly is, an exciting account of who God is!  They share insight on how to engage your kids on the day to day with Gods word and a few questions to help direct the conversation that may seem so awkward when it comes to the scriptures.  For questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org