The Jerk Store Called – Known Legacy Podcast

How to have healthy conversations amidst this corona crisis and not come out sounding like a jerk. There is value in having healthy conversations with those we don’t agree all the while speaking life and not being a part of the jerk store ( Thanks Seinfeld!) The guys share how we can have healthy conversations with others and tangible steps to keep your heart and mind in order as you prepare to have a conversation or write a post online. They share about everything from awkward conversations with their neighbors to the time meeting Dude Perfect then how to enable your family to do the same. 

How do you maintain a healthy conversation with those you talk with?  Send us your comments and questions to  

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Corona And A Pink Slip – 4/8/20 – Known Legacy Podcast

Today the guys are talking to Brian, a friend of theirs who has dealt with the issue of job loss.  He shares valuable insight on how to walk through job loss and  shares the bigger picture of what God is doing through this in our spiritual lives as well as tangible things you can do during this time of unemployment.  We want to pray for you so email us at to share your story with us! 

Confessions Of The Hallmark Channel – 11/19/19

The Christmas season is here! Almost… and then its gone!  The guys talk about their favorite Christmas movies and which movies need to be watched, The favorite things about all and this season and how they play into each of our stories. Travis shares the impact of how the story of God runs through each part of the holiday season and how the story of Gods redemption is found in the midst of it.