Must Be The Money – Known Legacy Podcast

The stimulus check is here! or on its way…  this week the guys talk about the value of fighting against the human desire to hoard things and instead continue to maintain a spirit of generosity. In times when things are very uncertain they share a fresh perspective on how to continue to trust God and equip your family to share this hope with the world. for questions or comments email us at

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Money, Money, Money Money! – 1/14/20

So it’s a few weeks into the year and most of our goals are a memory or a plan for next year, even our financial ones.  So instead of living the rest of the year defeated,  the guys have invited their friend David on the podcast to share simple, tangible techniques to impact your budget and bottom line.  He shares some easy but impactful ways to start walking into financial independence and security for you, your family and those who come after you.