Over A Cup – Week #1

We see so much division in our country but more importantly in our houses.  Its hard to find ways to break down the walls of those who you look at in the rearview of your car.  We go into work and have a hard time not simply getting frustrated with those who have different views than us.  We believe we can be the ones to create change in this area.  We are talking about how we can make a difference quickly by having a conversation “over a cup”.  

Who Influences You? (Thanks Ravi Zacharias) Known Legacy Podcast

Who influences you? What influences us influences our family. 

Ravi Zacharias influenced my life to and helped me understand God in ways I didn’t before I heard him speak.  As I allowed him to speak into my life it influenced who I became.  Today the guys talk about ways to identify the positive influences in our lives and how to remove the things that don’t help become all we are meant to become.  They give tangible ways to then impact their family and help them find positive influencers for their children to help parents have the goal of conversation not condemnation. For questions or comments email us at info@knownlegacy.org

Known Legacy Date Night- June 18th!!!  Click the link for more info or to sign up! 

Four things for 2020 – 12/17/19

Four things you need to buy before 2020 .  This is the time to buy buy buy but in the midst of the pursuit of the newest and best for our kids there are four other things that are simple but useful.  These are everyday items that will help break barriers with your spouse and children in the everyday.  regardless of their age, if they are under your roof, these are the things you need today to make huge changes in the legacy you leave behind.