Impact Your Family With Hope

So much uncertainty and chaos around us. How do we lead our family during this time?  This week the guys talk about how to allow the truth of Gods word impact your family and help you be the one to lead them through it. Family is the place change starts be the one to make it happen! The guys share five impactful steps to make it happen!  For questions email us at

This guy gets it! – Known Legacy Podcast

This week we had Travis Crim on the podcast.  Travis is hilarious and gifted to communicate as an actor and comedian.  He has a desire to use his gifts to impact families and individuals.  He shares his story and passion about what God has called him to be and how to balance family, ministry and life.  Check him out at  He has also developed a great app that helps you impact your family  called MY FAM you can find it in the app store by looking up MY FAM or click the link here:

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Over A Cup – Week #3

Over a Cup conversations part 3! Were finishing up our series of what “Over the Cup” is all about.  Beyond looking at those at work or those who we don’t agree with we look at those closest to us.  We talk about how to have an over the cup conversation with our families. We talk about the value of moving from a toxic situation in our family relationships to creating a dynamic that leaves a God honoring legacy for those who come after us.  

Over A Cup – Week #1

We see so much division in our country but more importantly in our houses.  Its hard to find ways to break down the walls of those who you look at in the rearview of your car.  We go into work and have a hard time not simply getting frustrated with those who have different views than us.  We believe we can be the ones to create change in this area.  We are talking about how we can make a difference quickly by having a conversation “over a cup”.  

Encouraging Your Kids

That gross first sip made me appreciate a good glass of water. A refreshing drink can help your day get better.  The guys are talking about how to be refreshing to the spirit of your children.  During this quarantine we have been able to have time to be close to our family in ways we were unable to in the previous world.  This is a great time be a student of your children and see what makes them come alive for who God created them to be.  Travis and Bill share tips on how to engage and encourage your kids to become all God has created them to become. For questions email us at

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The Good Samaritan

Hearts are broken, anger, confusion, frustration and uncertainty define the current paradigm.  Still in the midst of all of this Gods word is true an we need to run to it for our source of wisdom and understanding.  Travis and Bill work through the account of of Jesus telling the parable of the good Samaritan.  There is hope in this time and it if found only in Jesus.  There is a challenge of how we can impact our family and have  healthy conversations about how to deal with racism and disunity in our world. 

The Jerk Store Called – Known Legacy Podcast

How to have healthy conversations amidst this corona crisis and not come out sounding like a jerk. There is value in having healthy conversations with those we don’t agree all the while speaking life and not being a part of the jerk store ( Thanks Seinfeld!) The guys share how we can have healthy conversations with others and tangible steps to keep your heart and mind in order as you prepare to have a conversation or write a post online. They share about everything from awkward conversations with their neighbors to the time meeting Dude Perfect then how to enable your family to do the same. 

How do you maintain a healthy conversation with those you talk with?  Send us your comments and questions to  

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Who Influences You? (Thanks Ravi Zacharias) Known Legacy Podcast

Who influences you? What influences us influences our family. 

Ravi Zacharias influenced my life to and helped me understand God in ways I didn’t before I heard him speak.  As I allowed him to speak into my life it influenced who I became.  Today the guys talk about ways to identify the positive influences in our lives and how to remove the things that don’t help become all we are meant to become.  They give tangible ways to then impact their family and help them find positive influencers for their children to help parents have the goal of conversation not condemnation. For questions or comments email us at

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Must Be The Money – Known Legacy Podcast

The stimulus check is here! or on its way…  this week the guys talk about the value of fighting against the human desire to hoard things and instead continue to maintain a spirit of generosity. In times when things are very uncertain they share a fresh perspective on how to continue to trust God and equip your family to share this hope with the world. for questions or comments email us at

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Put Back What’s Worth it! – Known Legacy Podcast

Today the guys are outside recording in social distance fashion.  As the doors begin to open up and stores allow more than 50 people, some choices about life need to be made.  The guys share some tangible steps about how to take a deeper look on what really matters and how to decide what to put back into our schedules.  For questions or comments email us at

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Mystery of Mysteries – What Moms want for Mother’s Day – Known Legacy Podcast

What Does Mom really want for mothers day?? This week Bill and his wife Sarah tell the story of the most interesting gift she has received on Mothers day.  They talk about what Moms really want according to results they discovered. We’ love to hear your best idea for a Mothers day gift, email us at

Redeem The Time With Your Spouse – 4/21/20 Known Legacy Podcast

Back at it cracking bad jokes and enjoying social distance. The Guys shares their Quarantine stories with life at home and how they struggle to continue to connect with their spouses.  They share some insight and tips on ways to pursue the heart of your spouse during this time of lock down. 

Redeeming The Time With Your Kids – 4/14/20

  If there is one thing this quarantine has given us is some extra time.  We can spend this time many ways, but one that will give huge dividends for our legacy is investing in moments with our kids. The guys take some time to share how they have spent time with their kids during quarantine and ways they have missed opportunities.  Hey share some tangible easy steps to take that can help engage your kids during all the extra time we have.  Connect with us at

Corona And A Pink Slip – 4/8/20 – Known Legacy Podcast

Today the guys are talking to Brian, a friend of theirs who has dealt with the issue of job loss.  He shares valuable insight on how to walk through job loss and  shares the bigger picture of what God is doing through this in our spiritual lives as well as tangible things you can do during this time of unemployment.  We want to pray for you so email us at to share your story with us! 

Lion In Fear – 4/1/20 – Known Legacy Podcast

This time can be fearful.  But fear does not have to immobilize us. The guys share the story of Daniel in the Bible and how he faced his fear and continued to trust God through the circumstances. He makes the choice to see fear as an opportunity to trust God with his unknown future. They share three things we can all do right now during this time of anxiety. 

What do we do now? My kids have been in pajamas all week! – 3/25/20

This is been a crazy time in our life and there are bunch of unknowns, how do we parent thought this?  From trying to wake up kids and get yourself going as well, it can be difficult to know what to do to create a life as it seems like things are caving in.  The guys share some insight on how to do just that with some tangible wins for any parent leading through this quarantine and share hope to those closest to you. 

Family Dinners – 3/17/20

Family Dinner  – 

Family time is almost forced on us during this Coronageddon but it has never lost its value, even family dinner time which seems to have become a forgotten practice. The guys share the value of making family dinner a priority and some insightful ways and how to impact your family through it.  Along with the podcast you can go to and download conversation starters for free today to help make family dinner time something your children can pass onto their children. 

Lucky Eleven – 3/3/20

Travis shares his vocal skills and talents on the podcast so get ready… Along with that, They guys share the value of doing experiences over buying stuff.  Our possessions bring joy for a short time while an experience can create a memory long after you are gone.  Bill shares what he learned from others about the value of creating those memories with your children.  The guys talk about the value of taking time to spend with your children in a real and authentic way. For questions or comments contact us at 

Grandparenting – 2/26/20

Cindy and James Adams are back again to share more about their role as Grandparents with the dynamic of their children’s ex spouses. They share how they continue to pursue the hearts of their ex daughter in laws and their new spouses and how to continue to overcome and love through the situation the way Christ loves them.  Their story is a journey of forgiveness and pursuit of others in the midst of trials and brokenness.  Cindy shares how she impacts her Grandkids daily and the song she sings to them each day to empower them to choose to make each day the best it can be.  if you have any questions or comments for Cindy and James email us at 

Beauty From Ashes – 2/18/20

Bill and his wife Sarah share the mic with an incredible couple who, Cindy and James Adams.  They share their story of the trying beginning to their marriage and the journey to wholeness that has been the culmination and blessing of 35 years of marriage.  Coming from two different family dynamics and backgrounds,  they share how they have continued to pursue each other and their children though the years as they moved towards hope. They share valuable wisdom for couples who are battling through a rough patch in their marriage and the hope for a brighter future. 

Journey Of A New Legacy – 2/11/20

Joe and Cindie Russo are two of Bill’s Heroes.  They share the story of how they met, came to know Jesus and how He was their source of hope thorough all the years of marriage.  Their story is a journey of love, hope and reliance on the promises of God.  They share the value of choosing the best for their family and the sacrifices that need to be made for that to happen as well as how things were when they were young parents and the advice they would give to young parents today. You don’t want to miss the wisdom these two have to offer!  If you have any questions email us at

Hope For A Hopeless Marriage 2/5/20

 Bryan and Alissa Fields join us today during our Love series on the podcast share their story of a marriage on the brink of divorce.  They share how they were attempting to make the pain and struggles by a covering of a perfect picture.  As that crumbled, they found the value of being honest and seeking the wisdom of God to restore their marriage and family.  They give warning signs like isolation, believing the lies of the enemy and giving up control as they share the hope of restoration in your marriage as well. If you have any questions for Bryan and Alissa email us at 

Creating A Chore Culture – 1/28/20

The value of chores and hard work. The guys are back together again!  They are talking about the hurdles that keep us from making chores a priority and the impact of creating a chore culture .  They share some practical tips they have learned from others as well as truth from the scriptures that reinforce the value of hard work. 

David’s Story 1/21/20

You don’t want to miss this podcast!  Bill had a chance to interview David (who shared his wisdom of financial freedom and impact on our legacies last week.)  This week you get the opportunity to hear the story of David’s rescue from a broken past to a redeemed life and restored future.  He shares his journey of being homeless, addicted to drugs and how God rescued him from what was hopeless life to the new legacy he has today reminding us its never too late for any of us.

Money, Money, Money Money! – 1/14/20

So it’s a few weeks into the year and most of our goals are a memory or a plan for next year, even our financial ones.  So instead of living the rest of the year defeated,  the guys have invited their friend David on the podcast to share simple, tangible techniques to impact your budget and bottom line.  He shares some easy but impactful ways to start walking into financial independence and security for you, your family and those who come after you. 

Those Health Goals – 1/8/20

Now that the kids are back to school and life is somewhat back to normal its time to hit those goals.  Kind of.  It can be defeating when it feels like you are over your head trying to lead a family, work and pursue God.  Health can take a backseat.  This week the Guys have invited Chad Bullard, he has been involved in fitness and health for decades and owns a gym as well as worked with the federal government in developing fitness guidelines for Federal Air Marshals within Homeland Security.  He shares real life ways to make changes towards better health that actually make sense and are reachable for all those who constantly struggle with getting in better shape.  Chad throws a challenge out to the guys as well. 

Four things for 2020 – 12/17/19

Four things you need to buy before 2020 .  This is the time to buy buy buy but in the midst of the pursuit of the newest and best for our kids there are four other things that are simple but useful.  These are everyday items that will help break barriers with your spouse and children in the everyday.  regardless of their age, if they are under your roof, these are the things you need today to make huge changes in the legacy you leave behind. 

Why Is All This Happening – 12/10/19

We all have those days or weeks where we feel like were getting dumped on.  Why does all this bad stuff keep happening when you’re doing the right things?  Today the guys talk about they why behind what is happening and how to journey through this time when things don’t seem to make sense.  The holidays can add to this with more stress and feelings of loneliness. 

Memes And 15 Things – 11/26/19

Memes everywhere.  Cats, yelling women, baby yoda… every so often there’s post worth stopping to read.  This week Travis found a great example of one of these.  It’s a list of 15 things from a Dad to Dads on how to raise and lead your family. The guys go over the list and share the truth of Gods word compared to the list.   

Confessions Of The Hallmark Channel – 11/19/19

The Christmas season is here! Almost… and then its gone!  The guys talk about their favorite Christmas movies and which movies need to be watched, The favorite things about all and this season and how they play into each of our stories. Travis shares the impact of how the story of God runs through each part of the holiday season and how the story of Gods redemption is found in the midst of it. 

The Valley Of The Shadow – 11/12/19

“When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”   Travis shares his story of how the GPS got him lost. We all want to be on the right path not just for us, but for those who follow us. We are called to lead our families and shepherd them towards the heart of Christ.  The guys share some tangible ways on how to lead our families through the hard  times based on Psalm 23. 

Balancing Act – 11/5/19

Bill talks to Mike, The owner of Village Coffee in Allen Tx who also has a full time day job and is the other half of the Rambling Redhead shares his journey of how to balance business and family.  He shares some practical points to ask for yourself when deciding what is important when directing the future of your career and family. 

But Dad, Its Boring…

The guys are talking about how to help your kids see the Bible as what it truly is, an exciting account of who God is!  They share insight on how to engage your kids on the day to day with Gods word and a few questions to help direct the conversation that may seem so awkward when it comes to the scriptures.  For questions or comments email us at

The Wonder Years – 10/15/19

Karl ( Who was on the podcast last week)  Is a Middle School/ High School Educator.  He Shares his insight with the current culture of students in schools today. He shows the value of helping your kids move through this generation and stand up for their faith. He shares the value of letting your child wrestle through their faith in a healthy way.  The guys talk about how to parent your child through the struggles of peer pressure and how to set up healthy boundaries for them and redeem to time we have with them. 

New Dads/ Soon To Be Dads – 10/8/19

Value the moments before they’re gone. NEW DADS AND SOON TO BE FATHERS THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!! That time Bill’s phone died and the day just got worse all the while learning some valuable info about life and time.  Moments go fast so catch them while they are here. Were talking to Karl, a father of four with a new baby in the mix. We share about how selfish we were (And still can be…) during the pregnancy and how to better serve our wife during this time of growth and transition in life. We talk about having the conversations that need to be said before your child arrives and you have to parent them as a team. 

Interview With The Wives – Part 2 – 9/24/19

Were back again with the wives!  We are talking about marriage and how to keep focus on the marriage even in the busy of raising kids.  The wives share the battle and struggle of how to be intentional in our marriages so we don’t wake up in ten years and realize we are just coexisting. 

Season 2 – Interview With The Wives – Part 1 – 9/15/19

This week we’re talking to the wives!  We hear stories of how we met and how the guys stories of how they met compare to the ladies. We talk about marriage, the struggles of a world that seems against staying together and helpful ways to stay connected to the one you made the commitment to make a life with. 

Bonus Episode!!! Dead End Or Opportunity??

The movie Dunkirk is a great example of something that could have been a huge failure but instead was a major turning point of the war. Life can throw us seeming failures as well but Is it failure or is there more? Sometimes what seems like a failure is the beginning of something better.  Do we see failure as a dead end or an opportunity.  How are we doing with our failures?  The Guys talk about it today and how to move forward not allowing your failures to direct your future. 

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Trent Monk

This week we are talking to Trent Monk from We Are The  He shares his story of how to balance living the dream that God gave him and being the leader of his family.  He shares his wisdom in maintaining a clear unified direction with his wife and what he does before Netflix starts…

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Brian

Today you get the chance to meet Brian, a man who suffered great loss as a child but continued to move forward.  He shares his wisdom of how to raise children through this brokenness and how we can make changes now to impact the legacy we leave behind, how to father through the “void” and encouragement for the future. 

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – Billy

Today’s interview is with Billy Newell, who has dealt with some extreme loss this year.  He shares how he grieved individually and as a family, some tangible steps of how to walk through grief and how you can help others move through their grief. 

Known Legacy Podcast – The Interview Sessions – DJ Overflow

Powerful interview featuring DJ Overflow as he shares his story of being a Pastors kid, his battle with addiction and the way he was rescued by the Father as he experience redemption through Jesus.